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    Oct 7, 2001
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    Hi all,
    I noticed yesterday something I haven't noticed before. Last night was the first time that I set the volume very loud. I was watching "Saving private Ryan" and the beach scene sounds incredible! When the volume is very loud (about 90db from 6') and voices are coming from the center speakers (located at the top of my TV) the picture on the TV makes horizontal lines at the top. Usually this lines are more noticeable with light backgrounds like a sky.
    If I lower the volume of the center speaker the lines go away. Also if I lift the speaker away from the TV set, the lines go away as well.
    My center speaker is a Klipsh SC.05 Synergy series and yes, it is shielded.
    Any ideas about how can I correct this? I can't put the center speaker in any other location rather than where it is at the moment. Has anyone had this problem?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ron Alcasid

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    Something similar happened to me when I had my center speaker sitting directly on top of my TV. I bought a Lovan Director, which is basically a center speaker stand that isolates the TV cabinet from speaker vibration.
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    Your center speaker is sheilded, so its not likely a magnetic field effect causing the screen artifacts. Sitting in front of your PC right now? Go ahead and tap the top and sides of your PC monitor. Notice how the image really shakey shakes in certain locations? If you have an Aperture grille monitor, it should really be noticable. Most TV's are aperture grille type. Even if its INVAR Mask, it'll still jiggle a bit. I think the actual cabinet and/or sound vibration, most likely the cabinet vibration is vibrating the TV set. Actually, while your TV is on, go tap the sides of it. It'll likely jiggle. Thats a better test. Anyways, if you isolate your speaker from the Tv cabinet, you'll probably solve the problem. My center speaker is velcrod right on top of my 32" JVC and I haven't noticed what you mention but I've not watched many movies, and not many at very loud volume. Try just putting some sort of absorbing/isolating thing between the center and the TV. That might work, but if not, you gotta make a separate stand type of deal.
    Although, come to think of it, what you describe might not be a jiggle in the TV screen picture. If the screen noise is not like I describe and isolating the speaker vibration doesn't solve the problem then perhaps the sheilding of the speaker is not working properly.
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