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    Here's the dilemma: I have a friend that isn't truly a home theater buff, but he enjoys surround sound. He's using someone else's Denon AVR3300 receiver to run two old Cerwin Vega AT-12's as left and right and a pair of Bose (I know, now shaddup) 201 bookshelf speakers in the rear. We've hooked up a truly awful old modular TV speaker for the center channel, and it works, but not so well.
    Soooo, his birthday is coming up and I really want to get him a decent center channel without breaking the bank. I've seen some from Cerwin Vega, but I wonder if they'll even match his speakers since they're so old.
    Does it really matter at this point or should I just get him something good and affordable, like the JBL N-center or possibly something from Home Theater Direct? The thinking there being maybe he could upgrade speakers to match the center channel and add a subwoofer someday if he really cares.
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    If he's not an HT freak, it doesn't really matter. What you need to try to match is the tweeter, the midrange will be much less noticable.

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