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    This may seem like a no-brainer to some of you, but I'm not as technically sound as some of you, so here goes. I am using two bookshelf style Mission speakers as my fronts. I've only had them for a year and didn't want to spend any more money then necessary.
    I then purchased two other Mission surrounds and a center speaker. Now when I took the package home there was no specific center speaker, rather just the same bookshelf speaker as the other two bookshelves. I believe it's the 700 series. Should I go back to the store and ask for the specific center speaker? It's a 70c1 I believe. The bookshelf speakers deliver a solid sound as far as I can tell. It's hooked up to a Yamaha V596 and I'm also using a Polk PSW250 subwoover. I'm just not sure how important this component is, given the overall package I'm using.
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    In order to create a seemless soundstage across the front of your home theater, your center speaker should be timbre matched with your L/R main speakers. The best way to do this is to use identical speakers for the left, center and right front speakers. It sounds like you have accomplished this with your purchase (correct me if I misinterpreted your post).
    The only concern would be if the bookshelf speaker you are using as the center is not properly magnetically shielded. This could cause picture distortion (and possibly damage) if you have a direct view TV. Also, make sure the center speaker is oriented vertically, since most bookshelf speakers do not provide proper sound distribution if layed on their side.
    Dedicated center speakers are really a compromise for those situations where your main left/right speakers cannot be used as center speakers (not magnetically shielded, are tower speakers, etc.).
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    Francis: The center speaker is active 100% of the time. It handles music, special effects and dialog.
    Using 3 identical speakers up front is good from a tone-match perspective. But center speakers are usually designed in a MTM configuration (M-Mid Range, T-Tweeter) which gives you a lot more mid-range and a very wide horizontal throw.
    This benifits people to the side of the central listening position.
    So if it's not a ton of money, I'd recommend getting the matching center.

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