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Center rear placement problems (1 Viewer)

Dave Getson

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Nov 15, 2001
Ok, so I finally bought a center rear speaker. I had it setup, and it works great. Fast forward one month. I move out of my apartment into my own home. I setup all my speakers and pick up my rear and look to where it should go -- Houston, we have a problem. The only wall that I can put this one has a large window that extends pretty much right to the ceiling. There is about a 5" space, which when the speaker rests right on the top of the blinds, fits snuggly (about 1/2" to spare). Now I had it mounted on the wall of my old place with a couple L brackets and that worked great, but in this situation, those aren't going to work. Yes, I can find something and jam it up that high but my concern is that it's not going to have very much impact on a movie I'm watching being that high and pretty much directly above my head (I wish I had more space to place with seating, but alas, I do not). I'm planning on getting a projector in the next couple of weeks, which will be ceiling mounted. So I'll have that speaker and a projector all in the general vacinity. I could probably shuffle the speaker to one side a little and won't notice any major different so give myself a little more room for the projector. Any thoughts on this new dilema? Note to self, study room setups before purchasing next home.


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Jul 6, 2005
Put it on a mount and aim it towards your listening position or the cieling (may be a good option if this is a direct radiator and has to be close to you anyway). If they are dipoles you may have a problem with noise from the frame and window. You may want to use heavy curtains if you do.

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