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    Hi. I bought my sony DVD player a few years ago (sony DVP-S500D) .. it is running to a sony STR-DA555ES receiver via a coaxial cable (but I have a toslink connected as well .. long story) and then to acoustimass 15 (yes, Bose, please don't flame me, they sound great in the room that they're in) ... here's the problem:
    On some DVDs, the center channel cuts in and out throughout the movie ... on other DVDs, the center channel doesn't work at all .. but then on most movies, everything is fine. It's just these same movies that I'm having problems with .. and they work fine on other peoples DVD players. There are no scratches or blemishes on the discs.
    What is causing this? There are no loose wire connections. It's not like it's all of my movies, it's just a few; and it's consistently the same titles causing the problems ... I have tried a DVD lens cleaner, and that has done nothing.
    Is there a solution to this problem other then purchasing a new DVD player?
    I would like to fix this problem soon .. it's time to watch Creepshow for halloween and I can't hear the voices!!
    Thank you VERY much!
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    if it's consistently the same dvd's and it doesn't happen on other machines, then you've probably got a software issue. it sounds like a new dvd is your best-best.
    sorry dude...
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