Center channel noise on SW2:AotC

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    Hey all,
    I finally got my sound system fully calibrated and balanced the sound levels and thought the best way to showcase my efforts was to watch SW2:AotC at the (slightly lower) reference level of 75 dB. I was happy with most aspects of the audio track, but I did notice some hiss noise coming from the center channel during quiet dialog scenes. It was especially noticeable during the opening scenes with Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Amidala in her hotel. The center channel would be silent, then a quiet pop as if the center channel was being "turned on".
    I know this is not ap roblem with my receiver/speakers, because I ran the DTS track on LotR to check it and the sound is clean as a whistle. My question is this: at high volmes, does the Dolby Digital compression leas to the pop and hiss artifacts that I heard on my center channel?

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