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Center channel for a Kenwood VR6070? (1 Viewer)


Apr 22, 2003
I bought a kenwood VR6070 as a starting point to upgrading my HT, which currently has a mismatched set of old cheap speakers hooked to it. A friend of mine brought over his Paradigm CC-370 for me to hear the difference of what a quality center is suppose to sound like. Well when I hooked it up all the voices sounded muffled. The speaker did sound a little fuller overall, but I just could not make out voices very well. The cheap little speaker I am using now is much clearer on voices, just not as full and is a little hollow sounding.

Was that Paradigm just too much speaker for the VR6070?

Anyone have this receiver that can tell me what they are using for a center?

Or can anyone recommend any settings that I may be missing to make the center sound clearer?

I really appreciate any help or feedback!

Arthur S

Senior HTF Member
Jul 2, 1999

Most center channel speaker have a rise in the 100Hz-150Hz region. This muddies things up. Also, the screen of your TV acts as a baffle that also muddies things up. I've used both a Boston Center channel, and now I am using a Klipsch C-1. The Klipsch is a little cleaner than the Boston. Tweeter has dropped the Klipsch line. You may be able to get one for $180. Tweeter has a liberal return policy so if you don't get the sound quality you want you can get your money back within 30 days.

Also, the 6070 can put out a lot of power so that should not be a factor. One other thing. So you have the center set as Large or Small. If you have it set to Large, that might muddy things up as well.



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Mar 20, 2003
I also have the Kenwood 6070. What do you think of it? It was also my first step in my HT upgrade. I'm using a KLH(cheapo) center that I picked up at Best Buy to hold me over until I can get the center that I want. Have you setup up your speakers using an SPL meter? Having your speakers setup properly makes a world of difference.

Lucas Dang

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 5, 2000
just got mine today, hooked it up, and still confused about the settings. Didnt use an spl meter, but so far it sounds good.

Can anyone explain the Sw mix, and Sw remix options?

Can I set it to small or medium center, large front, and medium surrounds.

Also when should I be turning on THX, THX EX, and Active EQ, and Speaker EQ.

Any help is appreciated.

I just upgraded processing wise, but my old amp was around 150watts per 5 channels. So far I think the Kenwood is performing nicely.

I cant tell if its refurbished because it doest say anywhere that it is or has been tested multiple times.

I just picked up a Paradigm center channel for my rear surround.


Apr 22, 2003
Arthur S: I have both the fronts and center set to "Normal/THX" and not large. I spoke with a guy at the local A/V store and he said that one of the main problems was that the CC-350 is a 8 ohm speaker and my vega fronts are 4 ohm's. He thinks that Iat the level I was listening at the vegas we much louder and hence the center was not really getting enough juice to make it work??? Any thoughts on this?

Kevinkall: Overall I am pretty happy with the receiver. I am pretty new to HT so I admit I am not an expert on what to expect. I am looking at this as a cheap way to bring Digital 5.1 sound to my home (maybe THX one day). Once I get some good speakers and get into it more I can then upgrade my receiver. But both my wife and I are enjoying the sound very much, even with odd ball speakers!

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