Center Channel Bass problems/questions (yamaha v596/paradigm cc370)

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  1. Tom_Mack

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    Dec 11, 2000
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    I have a paradigm monitor speaker system powered by a Yamaha v596 receiver.
    Ever since I bought the system last January I have felt that there was something slightly wrong with the sound from the center speaker. The sound has a slightly different color than the other 4 speakers and the bass just above the 90hz crossover is noticibly lacking (especially noticable when listening to 5 channel music with bass guitar coming from the center. For example the Eagles Hell Freezes Over DVD, it sounds better with the center channel turned off than with it on.
    I recently did a frequency sweep on the center channel and noticed a decline in db output below 150 hz. I then disconnected the cc370 and connected a mini-monitor to the center channel wires knowing that the mini-monitors can handle the bass frequencies below 150hz. There is still a db decline of 3-5 db from 140hz to about 100hz! When doing a test tone sequence the hiss from the center channel mini monitor was that slightly off color sound that the cc-370 was making before. IS this normal for a yamaha receiver output or is this a defect?
    Please help me if you can! I need to visit the Audio store this weekend if there is a problem!
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Do you have your center speaker defined as LARGE or SMALL?
    I think the crossover in that receiver is somewhere around 100-120 hz so it SHOULD taper off the sounds if you told it that you have a SMALL center speaker. (It will be routing the lower-frequency sounds to your main or your sub).
    Tell the receiver that the center speaker is LARGE to re-enable the sounds.
  3. Tom Vodhanel

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    I think the Yammy's use a 90hz HP for speakers set to small. Now, it's not uncommon for a speaker to be rated to say 80hz...but to have a slow rolloff as it nears that freq either.
    So this might not be an issus with the yammay at all. Per the other suggestion...try running the center as large as see what happens. Also...the measurements you get from the center will be affected by the room somewhat. If you want to try to minimize the room interaction---put the spl meter as close to the speaker as possible.

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