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    set rear speakers to large or small??? my set up consists of hk3550 , mission m73i for front , mission m7c1i for centers and im using wharfedale diamond 8.1 as rears..

    my fronts are set to large.. my problem is where should my center and rear speakers be set to? large or small??
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  2. Bob McElfresh

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    Set your rears and center to SMALL.

    From your receiver's point of view, a LARGE speaker contains a woofer. If the speaker has a woofer, the receiver will send signals from 15-100 hz to it. If the speaker is SMALL, it will route these sounds to a nearby LARGE speaker, or your subwoofer.

    Check the frequency response data for your speakers, or just take my word for it: they should be small.

    Some people find that setting all 5 speakers to SMALL and letting the subwoofer in the corner handle all the low frequency duties works best. This is because:

    - the receiver does not have to send power-hungry lower frequency sounds to speakers, thus leaving power for other sounds.

    - Corner placement or near-wall placement for a subwoofer is considered superior.

    - Having some speakers set to LARGE and a subwoofer creates complex interference patterns when they both try to do low-frequency sounds. Even people with multiple subs are advised to stack them all in the same corner to avoid this problem.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Alan Wong

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    Jul 19, 2003
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    I prefer to set them all to small and have a subwoofer take care of the low frequencies. Let the sub do its dedicated job, as it does it better than full range speakers.

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