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    Four weeks ago this Saturday, I bought a Sony Ericsson s710 and a Motorola HS850U Bluetooth headset. I love this phone and all went well for a week and a half, at which point the headset stopped working (in all fairness, I dropped it twice during that time). As I was well within the 30-day no questions asked period, I got another headset, but this one only worked for one call--and this time, I've dropped nothing, neither headset nor phone (never dropped the phone, in any case). So the question is whether anyone out there has had problems with the Bluetooth functionality of the phone or the specified headset. I was all set to return the headset for yet another go, but then I noted that, though I can pair the headset and the phone, the phone tells me that the Bluetooth connection has failed. Does this place the problem in the phone? Another piece of evidence for this: A friend of mine at work has a Blackberry which we were able to pair with my headset. He then made a phone call and transferred it to the headset, which worked. Have I missed any possibilities? I need feedback before Sarurday, because I must deal with it then to be within the 30-day return policy. Thanks!

    Another thing: once I get this resolved, is there a way to backup the info in the phone (ringtones, wallpapers, phonebook--the whole deal) to my PC? Basically, if I download a ringtone or something and overlay something in the phone, I want a way to get it back without having to download it again and pay a fee for something I already had.
    The PC has neither infrared nor Bluetooth.

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    Hi Pat,

    Sorry to hear that. I recently bought my wife the HT850 headset. Works like a charm with her v551. My bet is the s710 has issues since you are working with a new headset that is not likely to have been damaged.

    Also, I would spend some time over at www.howardforums.com. It's a wonderful place to learn about cell phones/providers/technology, and the tricks of the fanatics [​IMG].

    On p.64 of the user manual it states you need either bluetooth, infrared or a cable. It doesn't appear that there's a mini-usb port on the phone, so I bet you will need a propietary cable to d/l the ringtones & info from the phone which is *not* stored on your SIM card (you're with Cingular/GSM?). Instead of working on finding the potentially hard-to-locate cable, you could always opt for going to CompUSA/etc. and purchase a generic bluetooth adapter for your PC (~$10-15) so you can drag and drop files from the phone. The Sony-Ericsson phone gurus @ howard forums can help you for sure.

    Would it be possible to use the memory stick for ring tones too?

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    Peter, you can put your own mp3 ringtones on the memory stick and use them. I made one of the Angel theme and put it on.

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