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    Just bought a Sony Ericsson s710a from Cingular and am slowly digesting the manual. After years of a simple straightforward Nokia, all the new toys and things I can do are fascinating.

    My question is this. I thought eventually to replace some of the ringtones with new ones and Cingular will gladly help me do this at a charge per ringtone. Okay by me, except I infer from what I've read that new ringtones will overlay old and the only way to recover these is to re-download them at the same charge per ringtone. This is not okay by me, so I want to know isf there's a way to download my current ringtones (and phonebook, for that matter) to my PC for backup and possible use down the road. Realize that the phone is Bluetooth (I need this for handsfree use) but the PC is not. The unit came with a docking station and associated cable for the memory stick, but I assume, based on my current newbie level of knowledge, that this is only for photos. Said cable will attach nowhere on the phone directly, but the phone does have another connection for something next to the battery charging port. Thanks!

    Another thing: If any or all of this is possible, how hard is it to make one's own ringtones?

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    Hello Pat,

    I've had an Ericsson for several years (granted a European model, but I think the possibilities will be the same for the US models - and more because yours in newer), and it connected to a PC (notebook) through either (1) infrared (2) bluetooth and (3) a USB cable. The cable connects to the general connection at the bottom (the one for for charging the battery, etc.). Just see if you can buy an appropriate USB cable for that little beauty, if it's not in the set.

    I used the connection to save and restore the addressbook (mine couldn't replace the ringtones, I seem to remember) and change settings. There was a CD in the box with one or two special programs for supporting (communicating with) the phone and the connection interface.

    Hope this helps.


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