Ceiling height for a dedicated home theater

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    In a couple of weeks I'll be putting a suspended ceiling up in part of my basement thats being converted into a home theater. I recently read in the Forum that a ceiling thats too low could keep you from using a front projector. Due to some plumbing pipes on one side of the room,if I put the ceiling as close as possible under the pipes, the ceiling would be at 7ft 2inches. Is that concidered too low? Or, am I safe with that height. The screen I'm concidering is 106 inches diagonally,using a Sanyo PLV-60HT LCD projector. If I need to go above the pipes, does anyone have any ideas on how to disguise or hide the pipes?Thanks
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    Obviously a higher ceiling is easier to work with but your 7'2" ceiling will work ok. First off, your screen is 52" x 92" not including borders. You will need to mount the screen just under the ceiling with maybe 1-2" of breathing space on top. I am going to assume 3" borders for the sake of calculation. You have 2" of space on top then your screen will be 26" off the ground. This will be a good screen height to minimize neck strain. You will have to use a little keystone correction on your PLV-60 to correct for any trapezoidal effects but that should be a relative minimum. It will need to be mounted 11.7' - 12.2' away from the screen as the Sanyo PLV60 has a really short throw.

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