CEDIA 2013 - PRIMA Cinema -- Watch same day release in your home theater!

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    The holy grail of movies is watching it on opening day, particularly if it is a better experience than going to the theater, unless a better experience is having unruly patrons sitting next to you.

    Prima Cinema is providing a solution that eliminates this problem.

    Composed of proprietary technology - PRIMA Cinema has built-in support for 3D features along with better clarity and deeper colors than current Blu-ray Players. PRIMA Cinema provides the best audio experience possible with lossless PCM or Dolby TrueHD audio format support.

    How did they get the studios to get on board with this? With biometric security protection that is needed for the custom installer to activate the PRIMA Cinema Player and then the user to rent a movie, there is little risk of piracy as each film has watermarking that is specific down to the dealer and the person that purchased the rental.


    Of course, this doesn't come cheap. The hardware is $35K and a 2D movie costs $500 for a 2D 24 hour rental and $600 for a 3D 24 hour rental. I watched some of the same day releases here at the show and the picture quality looked as good as Blu-Ray. Sometimes, there are instances you can watch a movie before opening day. For instance Rush opened in NY and LA a week before the rest of the US. It was available to PRIMA Cinema members that week, so a week early if they didn't live in LA or NY.

    Watch the video below for more info.

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    Yep, and many a foolish knight-errant has gone in search of it. :(
    (Anybody remember Eddie Murphy in "Tower Heist"?...Didn't think so.)

    Interesting milestone was reached last February: The now 30th Anniversary of how long the industry has been trying to push this idea. (Starting with premiering "The Pirates of Penzance" on Showtime/PPV in '83, causing every major theater chain in the country to boycott it, dooming the movie to only find its cult audience.)
    Throw "Noisy audiences and cellphones" in the copy all you want, there is a distinctly psychological reason as to why "Movies premiere at home!" causes such undying gold-fever among the industry whether the audience wants to pay through the nose for it or not, and why the companies will keep chasing the dream for ANOTHER thirty years without success.

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