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    I've been thinking quite a bit about long ago, when CED had the edge over laser because of the enormous amount of titles then available. (Of course laser caught up and did it better, but for a while there all there was were some MCA and Paramount titles, but anyhow...) And in many cases, a lot of those titles have yet to surface since those CED issues. What are some choice titles that would fall under this heading?
    For example, a couple favorites of mine are AMERICAN HOT WAX, which other than the Fotomat VHS tapes, was the only legal issue of the movie before music rights caused it to disappear, and of course, LET IT BE. Anyone else have faves that they hoard like gold waiting for the upgrade that may never come?
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    Neil S. Bulk
    I have the first 3 Star Wars films on CED as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark (with the Temple of Doom teaser!).

    Also not available on DVD is Here it is, Burlesque! a very funny program taped in 1979 in Pitman, NJ. My parents went to this, and my dad has it on CED and Laser. I'd love to see an expanded version released to DVD. Apparently the CED and LD were severely edited.

    Also never released on any other format is the ABC edit of You Only Live Twice. The RCA CED uses that television edit and really mangled up the begining of the film. It starts off with the first shot of the space probbe, then cuts immediately to Connery in bed "dead" and then the credits start. After the credits play, they dissolve into the docks in Japan and then cut right back to the astropnauts in the space capsule. It's horrible and doesn't make any sense.

    The CBS/FOX CED of YOLT, besides having re-processed stereo sound, has the opening sequence edited properly.

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    Valley Girl!

    I remember watching this 3 times in a row in one night when we got this on CED. Of course, I was 12 at the time, but it is still one of my all-time favorite movies (and #1 most-wanted on DVD.)

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