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Scott Wong

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Oct 30, 1999
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Scott Wong
On the far right hand side of the main CDex program is a list of icons. The last icon at the bottom retrieves album info from a remote CDDB. This usually works great. I'm attempting to retrieve info on one of my CD's and nothing is happening. The connection takes too slow and the other website is not responding.

Does this just mean their website is possibly undergoing maintenance? Am I forced to simply check back?

Also, upon burning tracks into .mp3 format, there is a notification on-screen about errors having to do with jitter. Should I be concerned about this? I just ripped/encoded a track from a CD of mine and one particular track had 14 errors. It appears to play fine in WMP9, however?? Is there something I should be listening for?


Vince Maskeeper

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Jan 18, 1999
1) Make sure cddb is configured in setup. They require and email address, and won't work without. If you get no response, try changing server name (pull down in setup).

2) I talked a little about the jitter detection in CDEX a few weeks back, can search if you need to. In general, it rips overlapping sectors and compares them-- if they don't match, then it flags an error. IS that error really an error? maybe not, it just read the same section 2 different ways- it might be right the second time. Is such an error audible? No, it could be one sample- which would equate to 1/44,000th of a second.

It would be better to make sure you get clean rips (try washing the discs)-- but just because two sector compares don't match doesn;t mean you have audible clicks- just means you might not be hearing what you're meant to...


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