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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Mark_TB, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Hi, all -- I finally picked up an HD-A1 for myself tonight after reading all of the comments here. I'm still playing around with it, but so far I'm impressed.

    I read in another thread that the CD playback circuitry was on the level of many high-end CD players, which was another reason that convinced me to go ahead and buy it. That leads me to this question:

    Is there any benefit to connecting the 2-channel audio output to my receiver, or does the optical output provide the optimum performance for CD playback? (I am not connecting the 5.1 outputs of the HD-A1 to my receiver, either; the 5.1 input on my receiver is already connected to my DVD-A/SACD player.)

    Naturally, I would like to avoid any redundant connections if possible. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    First what are the other components involved, receiver, dvd-audio/sacd player, speakers (speakers are the least relevent).

    If you have just a basic Best Buy or Circuit City receiver you would be best off using the 2 channel analog out, unless the receiver has a terrible analog section. The HD-A1 has on board processing for some of the newer higher resolution audio formats so not connecting it via 5.1 analog is taking some of the abilities of the HD-A1 away.


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