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    I know, everybody is having problems with cable TV, but I need to know the best way to take them on with this, because I know what they'll want to do.
    This started about a month ago. Sometimes (and only in the morning) my CATV signal will turn black and white. (I thought it was my TV at first, but the other inputs are ok). The signal gets even worse and the picture shimmers at times too, and even breaks up. This can last anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours, and go on and off whenever it feels like it.
    If I call them up, they are going to want to come out, but I know that it is not the cable feed or the TV, and I can't reproduce it at will, except to make a VHS tape up. Does anyone know what causes this or at least the name of the problem so I can tell them what to do to fix it?
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    Call Them!
    I cannot speak for every CATV company, but in my area, they come out with a signal-strength meter and can detect problems that are not even visible.
    Chances are, there is a line-amplifier up-stream that is going bad or some such, and the technician can detect the problem.
    I had an odd, intermitent problem. Turns out it was a "Squirrel Chew". Some Squirrel's had chewed through a jumpper wire at the top of the pole. When the wires were moving due to wind/squirrels, the signal would go funny.
    The CATV techs are familar with most of these types of problems. So give em a call.

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