"Cats and Dogs" Widescreen Ed. Review

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    I'm thankful that the forum and other places were able to fight for a widescreen/OAR release of "Cats and Dogs" because the film's visual compositions (lovely cinematography from Julio Macat) are kept intact and the widescreen transfer looks terrific. Although it was certainly near-impossible to find (an online retailer came through with a copy), Warner Brothers has delivered a presentation that's close to perfect, with exceptional sharpness and detail. The film's vibrant color palette is also presented wonderfully.
    The Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation is mainly from the front speakers, but the surrounds come to life wonderfully during the film's two main action sequences, especially the "Ninja Cat" attack.
    The extras are enjoyable, with a fun and informative commentary by the director, production designer, producer and actor Sean Hayes (who only did commentary for his scenes). Also included are 2 featurettes that are okay and mildly informative.
    The menus are rather irritating, as they make you choose whether you want to go to "Cat" or "Dog" HQ. The menus have different animation and a few minor feature differences. Cute idea, but a bit much.
    A full film/DVD review is located at the link below.
    Full Film/DVD Review: Cats & Dogs
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    Agreed, a great dvd all around, and a pretty fun film to boot.
    God bless the USA and the men and woman of our military and their families!

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