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Castlevania Chronicles: Re-living the legend! (1 Viewer)

Joseph Young

Oct 30, 2001
I have been a Castlevania fan since the NES incarnation of Castlevania back in the 80's. For me , it was one of the first effectively eerie and desolate environments on a home system (if you don't count 'Haunted House' for the Atari 2600 :bg :).
I am aware that Castlevania Chronicles is ported from the X68000 platform and that the arrange mode is a souped up version. CC isn't perfect by any stretch, but playing it hearkens back to the basic 'trial and error' platform gauntlets of the original. The hunchbacks have even returned in full force (whipping a stone wall in the first level will unleash a volley of them)!
I am also a fan of the SOTN and COTM games in the series which bring more of an exploration/role playing slant on the series. But my heart belongs with the gameplay of the original, since it was my first taste of the series and my first real introduction to the mechanics of the platform genre.
There are various bugs and problems in CC, to be sure. Like I said, it is not a perfect game. The graphics are not nearly up to today's standards, but the charm of the original's graphics shines through, IMO.
Do you have any memories to share of past experiences with Castlevania -- aspects of any of the games in the series that returned to mind after playing CC?
Some of mine are:
Original Castlevania:
1)Using the holy water against Frankenstein's Hunchback.. works every time
2)The underwater cavern level, ducking the stalagtites, falling into the water about 2000 times before getting it right :)
3)The Grim Reaper. Nuff said.
C2: Simon's Quest:
I never learned how to duck down at the base of the lake with the blue crystal, so what did I do? I learned how to jump up onto an impassable ledge and made my way around the other side! When first you can't succeed, cheat!
3-D Castlevania: A disappointment. Fortunately, we have Devil May Cry now, and although the play mechanics are different, they nailed the atmosphere. :)
Any other thoughts?

Romier S

Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 1999
You are hard presses to find a bigger Castlevania freak than me my friend!

I have too many memories of Castlevania to start listing them. I will always remember the first time I fought the Beelzebub creature in Symphony of the Night. That was truly a sight to behold!
I am in the process of trying to track down a PC engine DUO and finding a copy of Dracula X Rondo of Blood. It is one of the few Castlevania games that I dont own. I have seen them go for about 150 bucks for the game and close to 200 for the system but I would consider it 300 well spent on that game (instead of the stripped down version we got on the SNES).
Castlevania 3D? They actually made that? ( :)) Sarcasm aside I agree. These were very disappointing but I bought them anyway since I'm such a damned completist.
You may also want to take a look at this thread:
It has a list of my Castlevania collection and some good discussion on one of the best classic series ever!
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