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    Yesterday while visiting Office Max, I noticed a Casio thermal disc printer (model CW-50) for $100.00. I had a coupon for $10.00 of my next purchase, so I decided to buy it. At checkout, I was told there was a $20.00 rebate available, bringing the final cost down to $70.00.

    The unit is very compact, about twice the size of a portable compact disc player. It comes with a USB cable, AC power adapter, installation and disc writing software CD Rom, 1 black ink cartridge and a practice blank CD-R. Installation with XP was simple and the user guide and program interface are both easy to use.

    It is recommended that the discs be unbranded and smooth for this printer to work properly. It is not recommended that ink-jet printable discs be used. Smooth finished branded CD/DVDs may be used, positioning printing away from the brands.

    Printing is possible at two places on the disc and is restricted to an area of approx 1.5”(high) by 3.5”(length) each. Printing two areas is a two-step process: print area 1, eject the disc - rotate disc 180° - then print area 2.

    Printer ribbons are available in 5 colors: black, blue, red, green, and silver and cost $10.00 each. Each ribbon is projected for 40 single area or 20 double area discs. Only one color ribbon can be used at a time but can be changed when disc is rotated for two color printing. Importing graphics, images and text is fully supported.

    I printed on Ritek G4 plain silver discs and the results were very professional looking. This is far from a sophisticated printer and is rather primitive as far as printers go but the results exceed the cost of the unit and replacement ribbons, especially compared to the alternative of stick on labels.

    The rebate slip does not indicate any ending date for purchase qualification.

    If you were thinking about experimenting with thermal printing for CD/DVDs, for the money this unit is a good place to start.

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