Case fans & cooling requirements

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm putting together a video workstation at my office because the machine we're using is too slow and sometimes crashes. I have an Intel CPU & motherboard picked out, as well as hard drive, DVD-R, and everything else. I know how to determine my power suppy needs by examining the specs of all these different parts but what I'm not sure of are my cooling needs. I assume a stable system requires additional cooling than what is provided. How do I determine what my cooling needs are? Would it be worthwhile to simply install fans if the case can accommodate them? Any help would be appreciated.
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    You'll almost certainly need case fans for a P4 system and if the case can't accomodate them, get a new case. The rule-of-thumb is one exhaust fan or each intake fan. The airflow generally comes in from the lower front of the case and gets drawn out at the upper rear.
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    easiest way I've found to help in the setup your fans is to just make a quick freehand of the case and the bays inside and just imagine how the air will flow through the case. imagine that the air will flow from an intake fan to an exhaust fan and use the number of arrows to help you keep he different CFMs of the fans in perspective then try and make the air flows in the case go over your vital components like your vid card and cpu.

    just sitting down and looking everything over is the best route, it's simple concepts so common sense is all that's needed, just take your time to make sure that's what your using [​IMG].

    best of luck

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