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Mar 15, 2004
We just had some nice carpet installed, purchased from a smaller local company. They did a good job except for one thing... the HT room has what I can best describe as "semi-plush" carpet... it was about $4/sq ft and has swirls that are a different feel than the rest of the material. It is soft to the touch.

The problem: at the very end of the room, there is a line, about 1/2 " wide, running the entire width of the carpet. WHhen I asked the installation crew what it was, he said it was because the carpet was probably from the end of the roll and that is where it was folded/tucked to keep it gripped.

I thought this should not have been delivered (to me this sounds like 'seconds' quality). When I called the salesperson she said that ALL softer carpets show this mark. Firmer ones like Berber have them also but they are not as obvious. She said vacuuming and finger-roughing should get rid of it, else steam-ironing should. If all that fails, then they would come by and see if it needs replacement.

My thing is, I do not want to go through the hassle of replacing it, as I have started to fill the room with stuff. I would guess that, if indeed seconds quality, then the seller got a discount from the mill, which I would want them to pass along a substantial portion to me. Another point is that the salesperson knew that this part of the carpet (it is just under the screen, about a foot away from the end of the room) would be covered by a stage as she saw it in the room when doing measurements. However, I may or may not use the stage as it did not look quite the way I wanted it.

Am I just being over-picky? The carpet appears ok in other ways. It's just that it was kinda expensive (to me anyway) and I wouldn't mind getting a break on it if I got less than I paid for.


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Aug 3, 2000
Sound like end of the roll to me if it is running the width of the carpet and located near a wall. This is pretty expensive good at $4/sq ft ($36/sq yd) so if you really not happy with it ask the company to come back and fix it. If the problem can't be fixed, ask for a replacement. They would give you some $$$ back to get rid of the problem and make you happy. Just be fair on the amount asked.


Feb 14, 2001
If the installer is correct, and the line is the result of a fold/tuck, then your carpet wouldn't be considered "second quality" and the carpet store didn't get a discount from the mill.

I would start by following the steps the saleperson suggested. Try using a small attachment on your vacuum, for max suction power.

If, with a reasonable amount of effort, that doesn't work, I'd do as Mike suggested and ask them to fix it, or replace it if it can't be fixed.

I think you'll find that they'll be more accomodating if you follow their suggestions first, before demanding replacement.



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Feb 11, 2004
it may take up to 2 weeks for it to come out. So be patient but you have to remember that there was about 800 pounds on it for weeks so that crease is pretty set in. but after 2 weeks if you are still seeing it get them out there to replace it. they will prolly try to seam it at that point but if you dont have a seam around there i would fight for it all to be replaced. It also depends on where you got it. If it is a large company like Home Depot you shouldnt have too much of a problem but smaller companies may be more difficult.

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