Carpet goes in Thursday! ya baby!!!!

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    Been along time in the making and its (at least the construction) is almost done. I painted the space mural on the ceiling yesterday and finished with the flat black (outer space)to day. I kind of created my own little planet system with a Saturn, Mars and some other cool looking planets. The wife was not too sure about this space mural thing but after she saw it 1/2 way finished she could see how it would look good. I painted Mars with yellow/orange/red/brown and flat black arousal cans. It is the most colorfully of the bunch. I tried to create an illusion of the ceiling being open and your looking up into space. I think and hope I achieved it! I took photos of the painting but its on 35mm so it will take a week or so to get it on my site.
    Tomorrow I have to build the shelves in my media storage area and then baseboard molding goes up. Things are really coming together, now that I got all the wall board mud/dust out of my nostrils its starting to get fun.
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    Glad to hear that this is coming together Wes! I'm excited to see it when you're finished.
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    Congrats! I'am remodeling a game room on the 3rd floor of my house into a home theater. I've got most of the construction aspect finished. I've painting 90% of the room but gesh...with the molding, trim, etc...takes forever to paint! After painting will come the wires, stands, mounts, etc then the final touch...carpet will come in. I can't wait to be in your position [​IMG]

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