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Carnivale 6DVD Set; Fritz Lang's M 2DVD Set; Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay: EuroCult (1 Viewer)


Aug 18, 2003
For Trade (and/or For Sale):

CARNIVALE: Complete First Season (Sealed 6-DVD Box Set) - $60 shipped
720 minutes of material, w/three audio commentaries & featurettes

(France, 1971. "Follows the successful pattern of the Rollin films by mixing sexual content with fantasy." - Cinefantastique)

Fritz Lang's M- Eureka 2-DVD Set (PAL UK Import) - $15 shipped

Eureka's edition of M is a significantly better DVD than the original Criterion release according to almost everybody who's compared the editions, including Gary W. Tooze from DVDBeaver, who wrote: "At DVDBeaver, we are big fans of Criterion. We think they are hands down the best DVD production company in the world. So when Criterion gets beat out, its news... and in this case they have never been outdone so decisively. In comparison to the October 6th, 2003 Eureka Region 2 disc release, the Criterion shows a much poorer image quality, cropping, darker and substantial damage marks, scratches and lines."

Here's a rundown of the extensive Extra Features - NONE of which will appear on the upcoming Criterion re-release (courtesy of DVD Times):

Extras - Disc 1
Commentary track
Documentary – The Restoration of M (23.07)
Peter Campbell from IML takes us through the digital restoration process, mostly picture, but also covering the audio restoration. I have never seen as much detail on the restoration process in a documentary and it only deepens your appreciation of the huge task faced by the restoration team. Because of advances in technology, the only real constraint to what can be done are factors of time and budget.

Extras – Disc 2
For Example: Fritz Lang (27.30)
Lang is interviewed by Erwin Leiser in German with optional English subtitles. He talks about his introduction into cinema and how it was an exciting period of discovery, as cinema had yet to be explored and anything was possible. He also narrates the famous story of his meeting with Nazi Propaganda Minister, Josef Goebbels. The interview is illustrated with long scenes from Dr Mabuse, Woman in the Moon, Metropolis and M

Lending order to terror: M (17:40)
This is another excellent visual essay by R Dixon Smith, narrated by Russell Cawthorne – familiar to anyone who has seen previous Eureka releases. Drawing on interviews and reviews at the time of the film’s release, Dixon Smith provides a look at the background of the film and a good analysis of the techniques used in the film, illustrated with clips and photographs. Biographical information is also provided on the cast and there is some examination of the ‘Monster of Düsseldorf’, the real-life case that Lang’s story is based on.

More about M
This section is made up of three parts - About Nero Film is a text feature providing information on the film company who produced the film. In Restoration of M (17.53), Martin Koerber, the restoration supervisor talks about unearthing the original negative from the vaults and putting the film back together as it ought to look. There is a detailed examination of the restoration processes and the elements used. This is a very informative feature. Storyboard to screen comparisons (2.03) shows detailed original storyboard drawings of the sets with clips of how they appear in the film. This can be navigated or allowed to play though.

An interview with Fritz Lang (37.12)
Additional audio tape segments from Peter Bogdanovich’s interviews with Lang. Introductions are provided to the different sections to place them in context, as Lang discusses his time in Hollywood, his experiences of being on a Communist blacklist, returning to Germany after the war, his feelings on Metropolis, the different levels that M works on and starting to use sound in his films.

Photo Gallery
The gallery is split into three sections - On The Set (8.37), a beautiful selection of still photographs on the set and behind the scenes; some superb designs and images for Advertising Billboard Posters (0.42); and Theatrical Programmes (4 pages).

Biographies and Filmographies
Extensive animated scrolling biographies and filmographies are provided for Peter Lorre, Fritz Lang and Gustaf Gründgens.

Here are the main trades I'm looking for, but I'm always open to all sorts of interesting offers...

My Main Want List:
(* = High Want)

Benjamin Christensen: Det hemmelighedsfulde X - Hævnens nat (Sealed Orders/Blind Justice) * - Danish import
Kairat/Kardiogramma * - French import
Edgar Wallace Edition 3 * - German import
Edgar Wallace Edition 4 * - German import
Battle Beyond the Sun/Star Pilot *
The Hours and Times
The Saddest Music in the World
Disco Dancer
Olga Triple Feature - SWV
Rodrigo D: No Future
Spider-Man 2 (low want)
Place Without Limits
Wife to Be Sacrificed
Maria Callas: Hamburg '59 & '62
Barry Lyndon (low want)
Wizard of Darkness (low want)
Tale of Two Sisters (Tartan UK)
Waiting for Happiness (UK import)
Rebelove (Czech import DVD)
Ophuls' Letter from an Unknown Woman
Ophuls' Caught
Lang's Secret Beyond the Door
Gadjo Dilo
Little Cheung (HK vcd)
Crazy Safari (HK vcd)
Lilies/Celebration in the Botanical Garden (Available 3/05)
Pictures of the Old World (Available 3/05)
Robert Bresson BoxSet (Available 3/05) - MK2 France


Aug 18, 2003
Yes, this is the Region 1 set, and I'll have it in my hands and ready to ship on Dec 7. Thanks for your interest

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