Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" DVD Series: Experience Anyone?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by mark*p, Feb 16, 2004.

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    I really enjoyed Carl Sagan's viewpoints. I am interested in his Cosmos Series DVD set. I did not see the TV series. Does anyone have this set and what is your impression of the PQ, SQ and Content? Worth the money ?

  2. Yee-Ming

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    I am embarrassed to say that I've owned this set for probably 3 years+ now, and STILL haven't watched beyond the first episode, I guess because I watched it on TV all those years ago when it first came out.

    Content-wise it is absolutely excellent, top notch, otherwise I wouldn't have shelled out to buy it in the first place. And one nice touch I've noted is that where 20 years of science have overtaken Sagen's comments, they have a subtitle track that will tell you about the latest developments, without retrospectively editing out whatever Sagen had to say back then (are you watching GL?)

    PQ? Oops. As good as it can be for something shot on video 20+ years ago, I guess is what should be said about it.

    I'll try watch a bit more the next week or so and get back to you. Of course, no doubt there are die-hard fans of the series on HTF who'll give you more informed comments in the meantime anyway... [​IMG]
  3. Harry-N

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    I too have had the set since day one, actually buying it through Sagan's company. I was eager to own it on a durable format, having passed on the expensive LaserDisc set years ago.

    I've watched about a third of it, and the picture and upgraded 5.1 sound make it a better viewing experience than it ever was on PBS back in the early '80s. As mentioned, it's not the best that DVD can look, but it's the best this old videotaped/filmed series will ever be.

    I did have one problem with the set: the final disc didn't play at all in my old Pioneer DVD/LD combo player. I contacted the company and they issued me a replacement (without my having to send back the defective one!), but they also issued a warning that it might not fix the problem. The second disc fared better.

  4. Dennis Nicholls

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    The PQ is what you would expect for something mastered on video. But the SQ is a surprize: fairly decent 5.1 sound, especially in the musical numbers.
  5. Kevin M

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    Feb 23, 2000
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    I recommend the show as an artistic achievement to any fan of Sagan's...why have you been holding out over the years, it has been on every major video format there is.

    The PQ is as good as it will ever be without major digital work or I suppose if they could go back to the original film elements used for some of the sequences and restore them, those parts would fare better but the host segments that were filmed on video will still be a tad on the soft side so perhaps that route might be a bit overly disjointed for the eye to take.

    Anyway it looks Ok for the age and as has been said the sound is really quite good, and you also get a music and effects track in 5.1 and many of the episodes contain updates filmed by Carl Sagan a few years before his death (just before the end credits) plus you get a subtitle feature that updates some of the show's scientific outdatedness/mistakes(very few times is this needed I might add).

    I say spend the money and get this set while the getting is good, it is well worth it in my opinion.

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