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Car audio sub in the home? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 13, 2003
Car subs can have good output, but usually lack low end. They are designed for used in small boxes and they rely on cabin gain to boost the low end.

In HT you can usually afford to have a larger more efficient sub so many people use a dedicated HT driver like the Tempest or Shiva etc. There are many choices in the price range you are looking at. Notice the resonant frequency of the driver is 27 Hz while many HT drivers are below 20 Hz Fs.


Mar 12, 2002
If you already have an existing car sub driver I think you should use it and build an HT sub for the minimal amount of money it should be pretty good and should compare with what's availible in the major chain stores. I've built several in the past with some friends and some are still used in their homes that I built even back about 10 years ago (the drivers back then can't compete with what's out now). The main problem you'll have with a lot of car drivers is to get enough of the T/S specs to use a box builder program but luckily lot of them will work pretty decent in a 2 1/2-3 cubic foot sealed or a 4 cubic foot ported though most likely will bottom out easy and need eq'ing to tame the peaks (which usually would raise the cost of the project to a home dedicated driver).

The price that driver went on ebay would not compete with a similar priced driver that's usually sold to the diy hometheater market such as the Dayton, Adire, or AE drivers that are currently priced new and would have a hard time standing up to those that are used for the equivalent price. One other major factor that might play into effect is that you can build an IB which can usually take advantage of a dead space for most homes (attic) and not intrude into the room physically. You can usually pick up a driver cheap by going to the hardware for sale section at this forum and post an ad like I did about wanting to buy either a Tempest or Dayton DVC 15" for up to $100 including shipping as we diy are the most "grass-is-greener" on the other side of fence type of people and usually will upgrade within a year of building our latest, greatest, and "final" sub (that's how I got each of my DVC 15s which will go into an IB project I intend to build in about a year when I have more time).

There are also a lot of us who have drivers still sitting boxes waiting for the free time to turn trees into dust and boxes but there are those that get realistic and sell their unused driver for a bargain basement price. I hope you get the driver you want but better yet I hope you get to use it.:D

Joey Skinner

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Sep 12, 2003
That driver has some excursion! 1.5 in. one way, is that possible? [disclaimer, I know nothing about car audio]


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Nov 6, 1999
CERTAIN car driver are great for home subs, others are terrible

The Eclipse is one of the good ones


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Sep 9, 2003
I have a phoenix gold octane r12 powered by a rythmik audio plate amp, and in a 3 Ft^3 box.... this mother is an earthquake in a box man. the speaker may not be top end, but it sure can reach the low end.

Eric Hargrove

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Nov 24, 2001
Thanks to all who have replied. The excursion as well as the fact that woofer was made for Eclipse by TC Sounds made me think about using this woofer. I ultimately decided against it because the price went too high anyway.
SVS PB10 looks like a really nice sub for the money and that's what I'm currently trying to talk my dad into. Certainly has to be better than his current $79. KLH:laugh:

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