Car Audio: How do I mount a 6x9 speaker in a 4" hole?

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    I've been trying to upgrade the speakers in my wife's car (1988 Jetta) and after talking to a friend, he mentioned that you can easily mount 6x9 speakers in a 4" hole by simply buying a plate that lifts the speaker 1" off the rear deck, leaving only the magnet in the 4" hole. Is this correct, and is there any downside to doing this? Her fronts are 3", so I need to add larger speakers somewhere and they will not mount in the front.
    Any ideas appreciated, and sorry if this is the wrong forum.
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    I don't see why not. You could make a mounting plate and attach the speaker to that then to the cars mount, depends on the application though I suppose...
    the only downside will be the power required by a 6x9, they can be kinda hungry, and a stock deck won't handle it, and aftermarket not very well.. really needs to have an amp.
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    If it's the rear deck, simple, mount them from the bottom. Then get some decent 3" coaxials for the fronts(I know Rockford makes some nice ones) and there you go. Or use a 2 way set up and mount the tweeter in the dash location and the 4s, 5 1/4s or 6 1/2s in the door space(depending on the system you get). Just make sure your fader favours the rear as the fronts will be overpowered if you go with just the 3"s. I would look at 6 1/2" coaxials or 2 ways for the rear personally. I am not a huge fan of the 6x9 speakers generally.
    ps, I agree with Phillip about and outboard amp. Maybe a 2 channel amp for the rears and let the deck power the fronts.
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