Canton,Ohm,Jamo:can these speakers compare to M&K for HT?

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    I'm trying to put together a HT only system. I have purchased the Pioneer Elite 47tx and an Svs Ultra Sub. I was going to buy M&K 150 powered speakers for the front and 4 tripoles for the rear. The 150p's are $2200 each and the tripoles are $1400 a pair.That's close to 10k!
    I am now spoiled by the internet.Svs is an incredible sub at a great value.The Pioneer is a great receiver that I got from a very good internet company at a significant discount.
    It's now very difficult to justify the price of M&K.Although their non powered fronts (the same speaker but not bi amped)are$847 a piece they are 4 Ohm speakers and from several people I have talked to they can't be driven at -5 to -10dB without the Pioneer clipping or shutting down. The Pioneer manual says only to power 6-16 ohm speakers.
    I want quality bookshelf type speakers that produce great highs and midrange frequencies & have quality cross overs but are 6 Ohm or above and are a great value. The receiver will always be set at a crossover of 80 Hz and so the Ultra will reproduce all frequencies below 80.I guess I'm looking for an SVS quality company that manufactures HT type speakers at a great value.Is that to much to ask?Maybe.
    I was looking at Ohm speakers. The website said they had been around for 27 years and were now sold over the internet.They are a good size and do cross over at 80 Hz and are 6 Ohm speakers. I want dynamic speakers that can handle the demands of new digital sound tracks. Has anyone heard of these speakers and do you have opinions about whether they work well with what I am trying to do? I was looking at 3 of their Sat-3's for the front and 4 of their dipoles for the side and rears.I was also looking at Jamo and Canton speakers but they don't seem quite right for my purposes. Does anyone have suggestions? [​IMG] Thank You
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    Canton speakers are generally 4 ohm loads for all but maybe their smallest speakers. As such, they do not sound their best driven by a receiver that can't do a true 4 ohms. I own the Canton Ergo 92DCs and these are very good speakers, but not easy to drive and happen to be floorstanders.


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