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    Jeez this gets addicting. I thought I liked my setup before I changed everything--now I like it a 100% more but want to go to 110% (does that exist??) Anyway, I have a Pioneer 811 powering JBL S-Center, PB-12 Sub, S38 mains, S36 R/L Surrounds and S36 R/L Rear Surrounds. So I have my 7.1 channel set up--now what. I have pre-outs on the Pioneer and thought it would be logical to add amps. Now:
    1. Am I right?
    2. I was looking at an Adcom 5300 (85x2) for the mains--are they the first to add an amp too and how does this sound?
    3. Can I go with a different amp brand for other speakers?
    4. What does bridged mean and how does that increase the output so much?
    5. Since my room is small i was going to amp the surrounds and leave the center as it is--would that be wrong?
    6. I now have an extra Sony SW-40--should I use that to along with the PB12 to get more out of my system.
    I get so lost on these things so be aware--thanks in advance for your help but I may post follow up questions[​IMG]
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    Collin, say it with me (Hi my name is ----- & I'm a Hometheater junkie)[​IMG] I'm the same way no matter how happy I am with my system I always wont to go one better.
    To answer a couple of your questions first off I believe most here will recommend staying with the same brand amps when doing multiple amps or you may end up with some different tonal qualities.
    Bridging an amp combines two amp sections together & will normally more than double the output power of that combined channel (eg if you have a two ch 100 watt per ch amp bridging it will sometimes more than double the out put power giving you say 250 watts for one ch).
    And if you decide to use an amp you would wont to use it for you center or front R&L before your surrounds seeing how most of you information is from the center that would be my first choice.

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