canare RG6 cable - not for in-wall/riser use

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    This is a followup to some posts I made a few weeks back. I figured I'd pass this information onto folks. I noticed that some people seem to be using Canare L-5CFB RG6 cable for runs in their homes and I suspect up into walls. I just wanted to note that I talked with a company representative and the Canare cable is not rated for in-wall use at all. Unfortunately for me, I bought some to do just that along with making patch/interconnect cables but will now be resigned to just using it for making patch/interconnect cables (for me and my friends now) and not for any runs from my basement up into the walls. At this point I'm looking to use Belden 1694A for those type of runs since it is rated for in-wall and outdoor use (or I'll just use some standard Leviton quad-shield RG6 from Home Depot if the budget doesn't allow for Belden [​IMG] )

    And finally, for Bob M., I agree with your view of the Canare connectors. They really are nice and solid. The tools were expensive but this is a hobby, right? [​IMG]


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    I am suprised that the thick outer-sheath for Canare is not in-wall rated.

    Remember that you should check your local fire-codes to see if you need to worry about it. There is a bit of "audio myth" that says if you run wires in your walls and your house burns down, the insurance company will use this as an excuse to deny your claim. They will say something like "putting wires in the walls accelerated the spread of the fire. If you had not done this, the fire department could have arrived in time to save the house".

    I dont know of a real case where this has happened, but this is the fear/myth.

    Note that the Canare stuff is sold mainly to industry where it is pulled through hundreds of yards of conduit to connect studios & sound-stages. While not tested/rated for in-wall residential use, I suspect this is because the company has never bothered to have it certified for home use.

    Belden - a great alternative.

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