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    Hey guys,

    a lot of lists and review sites are around comparing R1 to every other region, but are there any sites comparing R1 Canada to R1 America. A few examples of different titles include, Trainspotting, Good Will Hunting, Ginger Snaps, Eye of the Beholder and a few others. All of which have extra features in Canada, but are mostly bare bones discs in America. Anyone have any further titles or info?? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will shortly be placing an order for a couple of the titles above and would like to know if there was anything else I should be on the look out for!
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    The following are listed in my website under the R1 vs. R1 section... Seville and Alliance are Canadian distributors, the others are in US.
    Fox/Lorber Region 1 "Under the Sand" vs. Seville Pictures Region 1
    Sony Pictures Region 1 "Beijing Bicycle" vs. Seville Pictures Region 1
    MGM/UA "Eat Drink Man Woman" Region 1 vs. Seville Pictures Region 1
    Alliance Atlantis Region1 "The Red Violin" vs. Universal Region 1
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    they focus more on R1 v. R2, with the odd R4 in the mix, but often cover multiple releases in one region if they differ from country to country. typically different European versions, but sometimes it's USA v. Canada.

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