Canadian needs more power for Rotel 1055

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by JamieS, Aug 21, 2003.

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    Feb 17, 2003
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    I have had my Rotel RSX 1055 and Monitor 7, CC370 Mini Monitor Pw 2200 setup together for almost 2 months now.

    I am pretty happy with it the Rotel has very clean sound and the Monitor series are a good jack of all tradeds for the price.

    Here is my "issue". My room is 15 X 17 in the basement but the right wall has a 6 foot opening (by the front speakers out onto a porch and also an open staircase up to the kitchen. My guess is that all this extra volume is sucking up some of my power. I often watch movies at 60 (out of 90) on the volume dial and still wold like it louder. I can't spend a ton of $ on a bunch of extras but any suggestions for what I could do?

    Like a 2 ch Rotel amp might help some but my center would still only have 75W. A 5 ch external amp would be too expensive (I think around $1000 canadian for my budget is about MAX). I am not really too aware of 3 channel amps. I'd be happy to consider GOOD used amps if they would make a difference BUT don't forget I'm in Canada so many sellers on Audiogon won't ship here. If I was looking at used what should I look at I don't know much about what companies or maodels to look for here.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    60/90 is not a high setting for this unit due to the way it's vol scale is set up. I am using a 1055/1075 combo in a smaller room using Paradigm Studio 60s and I always run between 60 and 65.
    I think you should be safe running the vol up to over 70 but let your ear be the judge. If you hear distortion then turn it down.
    Go here for the best info on Rotel.

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