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Josh Dial

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Jan 2, 2000
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Josh Dial
I know it's not widely available to our friends in the US, but through the magic of the internet, the Canadian version is more or less watchable for those interested.

The Canadian version pretty much follows the same format as its American counterpart, although it has had contestants playing instruments for a year longer (and one year less than the AUS version I think), so the practice seems a little more popular up here.

The main reason I started this thread due to the results-show that aired June 25th. It had a REALLY different format than anything I had seen on an Idol show before, and I personally hopes it's the new norm. Rahter than some crappy, "up with people-style" montage of hits from an artist or era, with each singer trying to oversing more than the last, the show instead opted for the singers peforming in small groups very much akin to the group section of the audition stage. The result was nothing short of amazing, as for the most part, everyone seemed much more relaxed and peformed quite well -- even those contestants I wasn't personally fond of seemed good.

Anyway, the results show itself isn't available online (at least not yet). However, the showcase night which took place offscreen the night before, in which all the "groups" performed their pieces in full, rather than the slightly abridged version from the results show, is available. You can check it out here: Video Page - Canadian Idol - Official Site

Click the "not seen on TV" tab, and then check out the episode 8 videos from the top row.

Another great part: no commericals!



Mikah Cerucco

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Nov 27, 1998
I'm watching for the second season. I haven't heard anything of the winner from last year since he won, but I liked the winner, including his performance of the winning song.

I didn't get to see the long version of the results show performances but the whole "unplugged" aspect was nice. Since I watch the show for the performances, not the competition per se, my enjoyment level was greater than normal, regardless of what I thought about the level of the performances.

Now, a little negative... that last group had some excellent talent in it, but I'd have much rather have seen them tag-team than harmonize.

I'm disappointed the show doesn't air in the U.S. but I'd guess they have their reasons (diluting the AI brand might be one, so may the concept that Americas simply wouldn't be interested in Canadian singers or shows). I'm not suggesting it has to be on prime time on a major network, but surely it could air somewhere. Maybe A&E or something. But that only happens if a U.S. station is willing to pay what it takes to get the show.

Anyway, I really enjoy Theo Tams. Not to say there isn't other really good talent there because there is. It's just that I could watch a whole Theo Tams concert today.

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