Can you imagine if a TRUE fan ran a studio?...

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    Can you imagine if a real fan of tv shows, movies, comics or scifi ran a studio? I am not talking a vp in charge of x. But, the head guy who can get anything done with a phone call.

    For example....

    If I as a comic fan ran Warner Brothers. I would hire Timm back to make more Bats/Supes/Justice League cartoons. They were cancelled since they got to a certain amount of episodes. [​IMG] While, were at it. I would make sure comic movies were based more on Batman Begins than Catwoman. Plus, after Superman I would make the sequels be a Worlds Finest movie with Batman (Bale) & Supes (Routh)...Or Welling. [​IMG]

    Or if I worked for Paramount. How about releasing my great tv classics...and then when they are released...release them quicker. For example the Untouchables. Plus my UPN shows sitting making no money in the vault.. Then I would kick Berman & Braga off the lot. And then bring back Manny Coto and "real" Trek writers to bring Trek back.

    So you guys get the picture. I know studios are meant to make money. But, nothing I have said will lose the studio that much...I think they will make the studio money.

    ps-Oh..whatever studio I do work at. I will hire Dave and Gord to be in charge of TV show releases. [​IMG]
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    Jun 3, 2004
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    Can't fault you for this idea. [​IMG] It would be nice if Hollywood got the hint.

    Hmm, as for a true fan [me?] being in charge of a major studio...

    1. Favorite stars would probably get more starring roles in productions.

    2. I would give unknowns more of a chance to become knowns. Too many pretty, overpaid under talented things get the leads these days. How about a talented unknown being given a shot?

    3. Budgets would get a little bit of a reversal - instead of $20 million bucks for stars, I would use the money to pay REAL writers to write for movies and TV shows. People with a grasp of PLOT, DIALOG, and genuine tension. To hell with a $100 million dollar picture and a $.99 cent script!

    4. Round table discussions [here on HTF?] as to what would constitute better movies or TV - I would also do some compartmentalizing, such as asking Sci-Fi fans what would make better sci fi movies, drama enthusiasts what would make better drama, etc.

    5. Promote innovation, creativity and artistic vision - take some chances, instead of plugging new names into old, cliche ridden formulae and playing it safe.

    6. Talent searches for stars that are not just plastic surgery miracles. It would be nice to see some ordinary looking men and women with real talent and personality.

    7. Stage some sort of first strike against paparazzi.

    ************************************************** ***

    These would be if I were in charge of movie theaters:

    Figure out some way to make ticket prices affordable without resorting to idiotic advertisements. Shoot anyone that suggested that commercials be run before movies.

    Hire HT enthusiasts to tune theater sound systems and picture quality.

    Treat cell phone yackers in theaters with the choice of orifice their phones would be jammed into; after, of course, being treated with jalapeno-based lubricant rolled in metal chips.

    Come up with a system for movie theaters to have day care centers for all of the screaming babies.

    Come up with a better profit sharing system with the studios so I don't have to charge so bloody much for theater snacks.

    Work with manufacturers to come up with crinkle free wrapping for theater snacks.

    Authorize ushers to shoot pirates, and other obnoxious types.

    More room between aisles so I don't have some klutz stomping on me to get to the bathroom! Also, human beings are not meant to be jammed into those seats with no leg room anyway.

    No one would be allowed into auditoriums after the show has started. Period. If you can't get there for this show, you can wait for the next.
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    David Fischer
    In the realm of radio, it's called "College Radio" [​IMG] Are there any "College TV" stations?
  4. Ravi K

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    Feb 24, 2003
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    The HTF DVD reviewers need to be hired as the technical directors of the studios' home video departments. No EE, no excessive filtering, high enough bitrates, we'd all be in heaven!
  5. Scott Simonian

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    I don't know if I like that idea. Maybe it's because you use the word "enthusiasts". That means the guy who just bought a HTIB system at Best Buy, or one of these guys who just bought his first "real" subwoofer. Im talkin' about you, Hsu/SVSers. These are the guys who should "tune" the system?

    No thanks.

    Trained engineers need to redesign these sounds systems so we can have flat frequency responce and a "fatigue-less" sound. Not to mention great amplitude down to 15hz. Why not?
  6. Rob Gardiner

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    I'd like to point out that Walt Disney never allowed his studio to produce anything solely for the money. He was careful to ensure that all films bearing his name lived up to a certain standard of quality. Were he alive today, there would be no "Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True" or other shoddily-produced, direct to video garbage.

    I don't know much about classic Hollywood history, but I get the impression that many of the movie moguls were as much entertainers as they were businessmen -- they were just as concerned with releasing quality entertainment as they were turning a profit. Can anyone else elaborate on this?
  7. Brian W. Ralston

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    Brian W. Ralston
    One has to remember that the studio's and the artists they employ sometimes have conflicting agendas. The studio's are a business and have shareholders and investors that hold them accountable. Their primary job is to make money. Most all studio decisions from the top down can be traced back to a point where the deciding factor was what would be the most profitable with the least amount of risk involved. Whether it was what actor was cast to play what role...or what director was chosen...or whether a film's marketing was small...or overblown...etc...etc...

    The talent in hollywood (at least the serious ones) are usually there for their artistic expression. They are often a director that has "something to say" about society...or an actor that truly gets into their role (like Johnny Depp). Besides, it is a fun business to be in.

    Occasionally, when the artists' expression is in public demand and makes a lot of money, the two competing halves come together and a blockbuster is made. Both parites are happy. The studio's (and the talent) make their money and a good piece of art was made too. But this is rarely the case any more. It is why so many people come and go so quickly. The minute they are not a profitable investment...people in front of and behind the camera are replaced quicker than you can blink an eye. It is also why Hollywood is a business of relationships. When so much money and reputations are on the line every tend to work with only those who you can trust. Trust takes time to build. Word of mouth is key. It is why there are so many collaborations in Hollywood. Directors using the same composers each and every film. Directors using the same actors. Etc...etc...Studio's using the same directors. The people you have a personal relationahip and a history with will usually not "screw it up." And thus...the studio's financial investment is less of a risk because you know what you are getting with a "proven, trusted entity"...thus, you stand more of a chance of making more money and less of a chance of losing your investment.

    So is all about the money. Trust me on this one. I live and work in it every day.


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