Can someone explain what "Gray Market" merchandise is?...

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  1. todd s

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    Is it used or stolen or both? One online etailer told me that is what he thought another company sold that is why the other etailer was cheaper.
  2. Thomas Newton

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    Gray market generally means "new merchandise, without a manufacturer's warranty that the manufacturer will honor in your country, sold through non-authorized dealers." It does not mean "used" or "stolen", although dealers who only carry "manufacturer-authorized U.S. warranty" merchandise may not much care for the competition.

    Grey-market dealers acquire merchandise through overstock sales (sometimes from authorized dealers looking to quietly dump excess inventory), or through channels outside the country. You see this all the time with camera gear, where SLR camera bodies and lenses with U. S. warranties cost more than those that you would need to mail overseas (if there IS a warranty) in the event of a problem.
  3. Jorge M

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    Thomas beat me to it, but here's my take:

    Gray market usually refers to merchandise that was intended to be sold in one country or region but is sold in another. A manufacturer may produce slightly different versions of the same product for different areas of the world because of different electrical systems, standards, languages, etc., with better or worse features than its U.S. counterpart. Sometimes a store (typically internet) will acquire these units overseas for a low price and sell them in the U.S. as the 'real' thing. Gray market merchandise may or may not work correctly with your other components. The manufacturer will never honor the warranty on a gray market product. Of course, YMMV.

    A black market is one where illegal items are sold. Gray market items are so called because while it's not illegal to sell them, they were intended to be sold somewhere else and so in a way you buy them at your own risk.

    Let me know if this helped!


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