Can somebody please tell me why my DVD-A player does this.......

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    I have a Panasonic A7 (the newish DVD-A player), I only got it cos I needed a player that would do R2 and R1 and my old A110 was just, well, old. I got it for half price, so I'm not worried that much about it, but my question is this:
    When I play DVD-A discs, in between every track, I can hear the disc spin-up and the Amp circuits (guessing) click in - does anybody know why this happens and what the player is doing? It makes skipping tracks take ages.
    Also, how come I cant use the number buttons on my remote to select tracks directly? I dont always want the TV on when I'm listening.
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    Mar 28, 2000
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    Mark, I haven't noticed the delay in skipping tracks with my Technics DVD-A10. As I recall, there is a click just before it plays the track, but I don't recall an unusual delay. I always use the 'A10 with the TV on and select tracks from the on-screen menu, however, it is possible to use the number keypad like a CD player. When you place the disc in the tray, press the "play" button instead of "open/close" on the remote. This will enable you to access tracks like a CD. The drawback of this method, I believe, is that the player will default to a surround-sound track on the disc. So, I don't think you can access a stereo track in this manner. I am not certain of this as I don't use my 'A10 this way. Maybe others can clarify this matter.
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