Can new technology provide opportunity for filmakers? Is James Jaeger correct in his assessment?

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    Jaeger states:
    See: Notwithstanding his (political) views outside of the film industry, could he be correct? Is there an opportunity for a "people's cinema"? Could the studios go the way of the door-stopping Sunday Times? Does the CGI tech he describe exist, especially on a budget?
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    Yep, it's here today and it's called Youtube, Vimeo and the like. Pretty cool stuff. If you want to SELL your product then look no further than iTunes, Google Play, and Netflix. Edit; Woops, Vimeo goes PPV just as we are discussing this: It has never been more affordable to create a beautiful looking visual product. What is still expensive are compelling experiences, talent, raw human emotion, the elements of surprise and serendipity, and just plain old good storytelling. If you can get those together you can even crowd fund your vision to beautiful effect. 5 films at Sundance this year were crowdfunded at I expect that number to continue to rise dramatically. The CGI tools discussed have been around for 30 years. You know them better as Video Games. Interactive Fiction is HARD. We have not had our "Birth of a Nation" moment yet for this art form, or if we have we are too close to it to have recognized its achievement as it passed.

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