Can imperfections still show on DVD?

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    Noticed when watching T2 Judgement Day'that occasional white specks appear at the exact same point in the film.

    For example when Sarah Connor tells the shrink she is much impoved a white speck appears a few inches to the left of her head.

    So my questions are

    Are DVD's perfect?
    I am a newbie to this'but i am sttilla little confused as the the Digital in DVD?
    I always thought that the movie would have no flaws?
    But i suppose if the speck was in the original'then it would also be in the DVD.

    Or can DVD's be scratched/damaged to cause these?

    Anyone hope my question makes sense?

  2. Vince Maskeeper

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    If there is a flaw in the film print, it will be on the DVD. Not all DVDs are equal- the process to capture the film to video varies greatly, as does the quality of the source film elements.

    Think of it this way: if you do a digital scan into your PC of a photograph with a scratch on it- the scratch is still there, even on the digital image file in your computer. Same thing is true if you scan a picture that is out of focus: although the file is "digital", the digital image is only as good as the source, which was out of focus.

    Some steps can be taken once the image is digitized to fix things like this- but when you're talking one frame in a series of 300,000 frames in a film like T2... often that one fleck of dirt will remain.

    Well, again- there would be "no flaws" introduced from the medium (like in the case of VHS, it actually degrades the more you play it)- however the DVD could only be as good as the film or video source it came from.

    I guess it's just like the content of the movie- just because it's digital doesn't mean the movie will be any funnier... it just means that whatever was there to begin with will be faithfully reproduced when played back...

    So if the speck was in the original, then it would also be on the DVD.

    Let me know if that helps...


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