Can I use the OSD on the same input??

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    I have the denon 3801 and I was wondering if I could see the onscreen display over the same signal used for my dvd display this way I would not have to switch input sources to see the osd. Some help would be great!!
    oh the tv is a sony 53kpv75
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    The only way to see the receiver's OSD while watching DVD is by using an S-video connection in addition to component. Component would run direct to the TV (best quality) and S-video (through the receiver) would be for setup purposes only. Component video ins/outs don't pass the receiver's OSD. Also note that of the two S-video monitor outputs (can't recall if the 3801 has this) only Monitor 1 carries the OSD. You wouldn't have to switch the receiver's input but you would have to switch the TV.
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