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can i use pc VGA > component cables to hook PC to TV? (1 Viewer)

Nathan Smith

Feb 28, 2003
ok heres the question

can i use a cable with PC 15pin VGA connector on one end and Component RCA's on the other end to go from my HTPC VGA out [radeon 9700] to my component imput on my tv?

now there is not converter its juz a cable with different connectors on each end...

so will this work or is the cable mentioned only for HDTV Type 15pin connector to your tvs Component in?

i am familiar with the $130 converter box most ppl use but im not running high def so im trien to get around this

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
Regarding use of a cable with VGA connector at one end and component plugs at the other...

You may or may not get a picture and if you do it may or may not be colored correctly.

For starters the PC must be set to regular VGA, 640 x 480 at 60 Hz.

If the computer delivers the video sync. only via the fourth and fifth cables for which there are no jacks on the TV, it won't work. For component video or RGB inputs with three jacks the video sync. must be combined with the Y.

If the TV does not accept 480p progressive scan, it definitely won't work.

Even if it does, PC video differs slightly from TV video between the end of one scan line and the start of the next. Usually equipment still works correctly despite this mismatch, sometimes it does not and you don't get a picture.

The TV needs an RGB/component setting which you manually set to RGB in order for the color to be correct using computer video.

Video hints:

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