Can I use a Pre/Pro with a Receiver w/out preamp outs?

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    This is sort of an odd question, and I ask because I am going to upgrade to seperates as soon as I upgrade. But, I know I won't have enough money to go into a pre/pro and an amp, so I was wondering if I could use the pre/pro and then put it into my receiver for the amp.

    I have a denon 1601. I would use the 6 channel inputs in direct mode. This would then utilize only the amp portion of the receiver, and utilize the pre/pro's enhanced processing, correct?

    I guess the 1601, when a 6 chan input is detected, will just play those 6 channels of music. So if it had a processed input, be it dts, dd5.1, or PL2, wouldn't it just play it straight through?

    I know I may not realize many benefits of the pre/pro with that setup, but it would be temporary, about a month like that.

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    I suppose that could work. I was thinking of doing a similar thing with my Onkyo 919. However, my 919 has pre-outs/power amp ins that I was going to use which is a much cleaner way to do this. You'll want to have your receiver on "External 5.1 in" all the time and the volume cranked to the max. Don't expect to realize any noticable sonic improvement in this setup since you'll still be using your 1601's preamp. However, I think this could work. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will answer this question.
    However, be aware that currently Ubid is working to clear out some Sherwood AVD9800 5 channel amps. I got one for $349 last week, original MSRP $1199 (I think). They still have them now. This may be a better way to go, it's definitely a fantastic bargain. Also, the excellent Harman Kardon Signature 2.0 amp can be found for very good prices if you do some searching. They sometimes show up at the website as refurbs, and places like One Call and J&R have been known to have them for $500.
    Good luck!

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