Can I use 2 X 125w to biamp speaker rated at 175w?

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  1. Alan Pummill

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    Jul 6, 1999
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    Just picked up a used Carver AV-705X amp on ebay. This amp is rated at 5 X 125wpc. Will it be safe to biamp my Paradigm Monitor 7's with this amp? The 7's are rated to handle up to 175w. I will run the center with the 5th channel. My surrounds will be powered by my Pioneer Elite VSX-09TX receiver.
    Or should I power all 5 channels with this amp? The reason I want to biamp my mains is because I listen to a lot of music with mains and sub in the direct mode. Any help you can give!![​IMG]
  2. Charles Gurganus

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    Mar 2, 1999
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    Certainly biamp the mains! Use the 5th channel for the center speaker and the receiver for the rears. Don't worry about the 175 max rating of the speakers. Using 2 125 amp channels per speaker will improve music dramatically.

    Just for reference, I use 2 200 watt channels for my NHT VT1.2 speakers(biamp of course), rated to 200 wpc, with no problems. You wouldn't want to max the volume knob with either too little or too much power, but other than that, you should be able to tell what too much power would be.

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