Can I reuse the box and amp from another sub for a DIY project?

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    I have an extra sub that is not currently being used. It is an AudioSource 8" 120 watt sub. It came in a package I bought. I needed some weatherproof speakers for an outside patio and deck, and the sub just came in the package. It sounds real boomy to me, and just not as good as my current HT sub.

    Would this be a good candidate for a DIY project? Could I use the existing box and 120 watt amp, and just change the driver to better the performance? Perhaps something from Parts Express? What would need to be changed besides the woofer? Any electronics? And what about polyfill?

    The sub has both line level and speaker level inputs, phase & volume buttons, and power on/off (no sleep mode though - always on).

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    In some cases the amp may have an EQ tweak built in that may not be ideal for a new driver. For example, the Vance D. kit comes with the standard Parts Express amp, with a 6db boost at 30 Hz. I disabled it for my own DIY. I'll do my own boost / cut with an EQ, thank you very much.

    If it's an 8", look at the MCM 8 that has been getting some attention. If it's a ported box, block the port, because all of the talk around the MCM says that a good port configuration would be too long for a box 14" square.

    You can always make a box and use the amp alone with a new driver, too. Again, the amp may have a boost built in, though. That might not be a bad thing, though. An 8" might need it, might not.

    Good Luck!

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