Can I get multiple DirecTV "new subscriber" deals?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by TommyB, Aug 18, 2002.

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    I have been contemplating switching over to DirecTV for a while, and am now ready to do it with the NFLST special they are running.

    I was leaning towards getting the Blockbuster deal with a two room set-up (because they offer the elliptical dish if you tell them you are getting the Para Todos package), but they only provide the standard Hughes receivers...I have a pretty nice HT set-up and want to have a receiver with digital audio outputs. I was on the Circuit City site and saw they had the RCA receiver with digital outs for $125 with a $75 rebate for "new" customers. Would I be able to utilize both of these deals?

    If not, my local Circuit City had the RCA UltimateTV receiver for $99. I figured that I could pick this up and sign up for the UTV service. At worst, if I didn't like the service, I could cancel it and still use the receiver for watching Dolby Digital programming. Also, how hard would it be to talk the installer into running an extra line to the UTV (dual-tuner), or at least leaving me some RG-6 to do it myself?

    Any suggestions/help are greatly appreciated!!
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    You can only be a "new" subscriber once in the situation you describe. You may get the second receiver at a "new" price but as soon as the seller finds out they aren't getting their kickback from D*, they will charge your credit card for the difference.

    Go with the U-TV. Once you use a PVR you will never go back to watching live TV.

    The ease of running an extra line depends on your house and what room you are running it to. Interior walls on the first floor of a two story house are almost impossible. Since the installer is pulling one cable, two is just as easy. It shouldn't cost much more that the price of the RG-6.


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