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Can Bose Jewel Cubes be used with an Onkyo Tx-Sr803 (1 Viewer)


Jul 11, 2006
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Nagaraju Pappu

I joined this forum today - am writing from India.

Seven years ago, when i was in USA - i bought Bose LifeStyle 30 HT system - the first one that came with the Jewel Cube Speakers. The reasons why i bought that system at that time were:

At that time, We were planning to go back to India, and we wanted to buy a system that has service and support in India, and something that is easy to carry with us, and something that works with different voltages. Even though Bose was very expensive - we still bought it at that time for these reasons.

Very soon, i realized that we were completely fooled by Bose. I asked them several times for an upgrade to a system that supports the new Dolby and DTS standards - but they did not offer any upgrade. After lot of fights with their top management in India - what they offered me is to buy their new Lifestyle 48 system - with 2 Jewel Cube speakers - so that i can use my old lifestyle with two speakers - and they didn't offer much discount at all. I still have to pay another 3.5K for this. This is their best offer after constant fight with them for over 4 years. I am sick and tired of them, and want to switch.

So, basically now i am stuck with a very old system that is not designed for DVD quality audio.

Now, in India - onkyo has a presence. What i would like to do is to buy an Onkyo Tx-803 receiver, and a sub-woofer and connect the Jewel Cubes to this receiver. Will this work? Bose never sold their Jewel Cube's separately - so i didn't get any data whether they can be used with other 'real' receivers at all? Since i already paid so much money, and i have these speakers with me, is it at all possible to reuse them in some way or the other?

In short, i want to throw away the Bose Media Center and the acoustimass module - and buy a good receiver, sub-woofer and connect the bose speakers to them.

I appreciate any information, suggestions or any ideas on this.


PS: My experience of bringing the Bose system to India might be useful to anyone thinking along the same lines. Be careful - Bose is a very tough company to deal with, and they have lot of fine print. When i first took my system in India for service - the Bose people wanted a proof that i paid the customs duty and a certificate/letter from the Indian Customs!! They refused to service their own product, which had a technical difficulty - on the grounds that I didn't have some government certificate, even though all their products supposedly carry an International Warranty. I never encountered such a strange condition with any other product that I bought. It took me almost sending a legal notice to them to get them to service the system.

John Garcia

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Jun 24, 1999
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You are in a tough spot. I would try to sell them, as Bose tends to have a decent resale value used due to their name (and their name only). Do you have eBay in India?

If you do keep them, you can continue to use the existing bass module with the cubes, as the crossover for them is built into that, not the cubes. You will leave it connected to the speaker outputs, however you will set them to small rather than large and then simply add a real sub connected to the sub preamp output. Not sure what you would do with the media center, but keep it so you can sell the complete package later - the complete package will be worth more that way.


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Apr 27, 2004
Unfortunately, you have been taken by Bose. You are not alone, everyone who has ever bought anything from Bose has been ripped off.

I would say sell the entire Bose system on eBay, and use the money to buy something completely different. Onkyo is fine.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
Corpus Christi, TX
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I agree with Chuck and John, your best bet is to ditch it if you can, and if you don’t mind taking the loss. Either way you’re “losing,” because with the Onkyo idea the Media Center is doing nothing for you but taking up space in the closet. At least if you sell the whole thing you can put the money towards some better speakers.

If you do keep it, then John’s advice is the way to fly: Use both the cubes and their bass module, and add a powered subwoofer. In addition to what John said about the cube’s crossovers being in the bass module, you need the module to get full range response from the system. Take out the bass module, and everything’s going to sound “thin” and insubstantial, since the cubes don’t do much of anything below the upper midrange.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

Arthur S

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Jul 2, 1999
Chuck said: "...everyone who has ever bought anything from Bose has been ripped off."

Beg to disagree. The Bose noise cancelling headphones are a good product. Numerous Bose products have been used in commercial applications to the satisfaction of their owners/users. Do you have any idea how many Bose sound systems are in cars?

I would also point you to this thread.


No other company even comes remotely close to Bose when it comes to owner trust.

At least one HTF moderator discourages smearing Bose.

I don't own anything Bose, however, I know people who do and are quite satisfied. Different strokes for different folks.

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