Can anyone translate this from German to English??

Discussion in 'DVD' started by todd s, Jan 26, 2004.

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    I have some of the episodes for the show "Mercy Point". The episode guides I have found in English only go to episode 4. I found an episode guide for epis. 5-7. The only problem is that it is in German. Can anyone translate it into English for me? Thanks!

    Here it is:

    4. Zwei Leben in einem Körper (Second Chances)
    Der Wissenschaftler Peter Nash stellt die Ärzte von Mercy Point vor ein Rätsel: Sein Körper weist Anzeichen für ein frühzeitiges Altern auf. Es zeigt sich, dass Peter durch eine endopsychische Transplantation ein weiteres Bewusstsein aufgenommen hat.

    5. Tod durch Überdosis (No Mercy)
    Auf Mercy Point sterben auffällig viele Aliens an einer Überdosis Circulin. Dr. Grote Maxwell gerät unter Verdacht. Als Spezialist für Alien-Erkrankungen hat er das betreffende Hormon bestellt. Nach einem weiteren Todesfall wird er suspendiert.

    6. Die Bewährung (Battle Scars)
    Dr. Jurado und Bortok kommen mit dem Leben davon, obwohl sie für sieben Sekunden lebensgefährlichem Unterdruck ausgesetzt waren. Bei C.J. kommt es wenig später zu Komplikationen. Dru setzt alles daran, sein Leben zu retten.

    7. Aufbruch zu neuen Welten (Persistence of Vision)
    Edmund Clark hat sich anstelle einer 12-jährigen Haftstrafe in einem Ein-Mann-Raumschiff ins All schießen lassen. Nach dreijähriger Flugzeit landet er auf Mercy Point. Sein Zustand ist besorgniserregend.
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    Did you try Babelfish? Here's what it gives:

    "4. The scientist Peter Nash the physicians of Mercy POINT places two lives in a body (Second Chances) before a mystery: Its body exhibits signs for early aging. It is shown that Peter took up a further consciousness by a endopsychische Transplantation.

    5. Death by overdose (NO Mercy) on Mercy POINT remarkably many Aliens at an overdose Circulin die. Dr. Grote Maxwell turns out under suspicion. As a specialist for Alien illnesses he ordered the hormone concerned. After a further death it is suspended.

    6. The probation (Battle Scars) Dr. Jurado and Bortok get off the life, although they were exposed to lethal negative pressure for seven seconds. With C.J. it comes a little later to complications. Dru risks everything to save its life.

    7. Departure to new worlds (Persistence OF vision) Edmund Clark could be shot in place of a 12-jaehrigen detention in a one-man spaceship in the universe. After three-year flying time it lands on Mercy POINT. Its condition is causing concern."

    It doesn't make much sense to me, but I also no clue what the show is about. How it helps.

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    babelfish is always good for a laugh.

    my try:
    4. The scientist Peter Nash confronts the physisicians of Mercy Point with a mystery: His body shows signs of premature aging.
    Apparently Peter has acquired a second consciousness by means of endopsychic transplantation
    5. Unusually many aliens die on mercy Point on an overdose of Circulin. Dr Grote Maxwell is suspected. As a specialist for Alien diseases he had ordered this hormone. After a further death, he is suspended.
    6. Dr. Jurado and Bartok survive, although they had been exposed to life-threatening low pressure. Later, C.J. shows medical complications. Dru tries everything to save his live.
    7. Instead of being convicted to 12 years of prison, Edmund Clark has accepted to be shot into space in a one-man-spaceship. After 3 years he is landing on Mercy Point. He seem to be ill.

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