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Can anyone suggest good DRILL and JIGSAW? (1 Viewer)


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May 16, 2001
I'm currently building my SONOSUB and I'm tired of going to my bros everytime I need to cut some wood (when he moved out, he took all the tools that used to be my dad's....damnit....so we have NOTHING....takes me 10 minutes just to find a damn hammer here!)...so, I want to buy my own damn stuff. I want a good Jigsaw and Drill but don't want to spend a WHOLE bunch of money. I'm thinking under $50 for the Jigsaw and maybe under about 60-70$ for the drill. The drill (for now) will second as a sander. The drill can be cordless or corded (though I know the corded can be a whole lot stronger!) So, any suggestions?? (include where I can get this stuff too plz)
Thanx, Mike

Dave Morton

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Oct 19, 2000
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I bought a SKIL jigsaw at home depot for about $30 and it works fine. I also have a craftsman drill for about the same price that works fine too.
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Jul 25, 2000
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Mike, if you can swing it, I picked up a Bosch Progressor at the Home Depot. Over your budget, yes, but well worth it. I bought it for about $150.00. I had a Skil that lasted less than 2 years and died. The Bosch is the limo of Jig Saws.
As for cordless drills, I have several Makita's that are excellent also picked-up at the Home Depot. I do have a 5 year old Skil power drill (corded) that runs like a champ.
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Wayne Murphy

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Jan 13, 2001
I watched my dad replace his Black and Decker and Skil drills many times over the years. They just don't last. The trigger burns out or the chuck goes. I told my wife when we got married if she wants work done around the house I get to buy a tool to do it. She agreed but balked when she saw I was buying Makita and Dewalt. I've had the Makita for 12 years now and it's still going strong with no repairs to it. The Dewalt stuff works great too!
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Scott Strang

May 28, 1999
I second DeWalt. Also Milwaukee and Porter-Cable are nice.
I bought my father in law one of those 75th anniversary Milwaukee hammer drills (comes with a nice metal case) a couple years ago and it was fine. I mean FINE. It was like the Ferrari of hammer drills. It wasn't cheap either; something like $175 at Home Depot. He even let me use it one day.
A few years ago my mom bought me a 12v DeWalt cordless drill. It's a great drill and feels like it's of high quality. It came with 2 batteries and a quick charger. The only time I don't use it is when crawling on the roof of my house. My fear is dropping it and busting it to hell and back.
If you want to see some really cool stuff, check out a Grangier catalog. They have the Black and Decker industrial drills (same as DeWalt) as well as other really cool stuff.
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Shawn Shultzaberger

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Dec 2, 2000
Also have to go with the Dewalt, Milwaukee and Porter-Cable. My dad has used Milwaukee since I can first remember. And he's a maintenance tech. He talked me into buying my first Milwaukee years ago and that drill still has the power to snap me off my feet. Alas I do have a Skill Jig and Circular saw and wasn't happy with them. Jig is cheap and the circular saw just doesn't have the power. Once we get going full time on the basement and garage I will be puchasing either Milwaukee or Porter-Cable.
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