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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by tele1962, Nov 2, 2013.

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    My friend over on HDTVtest has what looks like a major problem with his system can anyone help, I am not sure if it's OK to link to the forum but here is his post:

    "My Harmony 900 remote occasionally has a little tizzy which is ok as its generally very good. However last week the volume command malfunctioned and instead of just one click up it carried on the command and my receiver went to full volume in an instant. Stupidly I did not set a 'max volume' which I should have done on the amp.Now my audio sounds not right, I can't put my finger on it but my favorite soundtrack 'DD5.1' Sounds completely wrong. Also my sub does not always work and I need to disconnect the cable from the amp and touch the centre pin with sub vol at max to restore it, then it is ok. Also had my centre Chanel dissapear once.Im gutted as my 6 x kef egg sattellites are not strictly rated for the amp at unusually high volumes.I am gutted as its cost me a lot of money to get this together and I have no idea if its my amp / speakers or sub that's been damaged all because of a faulty remote.I have emailed Logitech in frustration but I just wanted to warn you that this could happen to anyone to."

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Here is a list of the equipment he has:

    Yamaha RXV 673, 6 X Kef HTS3001SE Eggs, Dali Ikon 1 Centre, BK XXLS400 Sub, Harmony 900 & 650.
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    I would do a full reset on the receiver. Then go back in and set your options back to normal.

    After that, mark each speaker 1 through 6. Run some of your favorite music through the system but only in stereo mode with 2 speakers(no sub either). This may help highlight possible damage to any of the speakers. Run through all 6 speakers and see if you can hear anything off. Female vocals can help with that.

    Tom V.
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    Many thanks Barry for posting and to Tom for reply, I will try this as soon as I can, cheers

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