Can anyone quality of ORIGINAL THX Star Wars trilogy - circa 1995

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  1. Troy LaMont

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    Mar 11, 1999
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    I think I may have gotten shafted via an Ebay auction.
    I received this box set and it appeared to be unopened. The shrink wrap on one side was slightly split at the seam. What appeared to be the original sticker from a Suncoast store was there (although torn off where the price would have been. The shrink wrap also had the 20th Century Fox insignia printed on it. There was a couple of promotional items in the box (Raisin Bran $7 coupon, etc).
    The videos themselves still had a blue sticker on them but the one on Empire Strikes Back came apart as soon as I picked the video up. Upon inspection of the tapes I noticed that there was light scrapes and slight scratches on the corners of the tapes. The tapes also weren't evenly rewound (although I figured some unsettling could have happened during shipping), like they had been watched and rewound with the VCR.
    Now, here's the clincher. I popped in Empire and it looked horrendous! Worse than my 4:3 SE editions. During the opening 'trailer' the Star Wars logo looked really suspect. I didn't recognize it from anything I've seen Star Wars before.
    The THX trailer was really, really low and in only came out of the center channel speaker (only barely audible from the L & R speakers).
    I continue to watch in dismay at the picture quality and it was still atrocious. Very grainy, pixelated, dark and slightly out of focus on certain parts. I think I was hornswaggled! [​IMG]
    Does anyone have this edition? If so I'd like to send my copy to you for a head to head comparison so I can know for sure if I have the originals or not.
  2. Dave H

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    Aug 13, 2000
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    The 1995 THX tapes are of very good picture and sound quality for VHS. Something is defintely up with what you received.
  3. RicP

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    Is this the long black box with Vader's mask on the front?
    Widescreen VHS copies?
    If so, send me an email...I think I can help you. [​IMG]

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