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Can anybody help me know if my Samsung QN900A tv was calibrated correctly and if the guy I hired did a good job or if there is room to improve? (1 Viewer)


Apr 2, 2021
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Hi, can anybody help me know if the tv calibrator I hired did a good job on this tv or if there is room for improvement and maybe if I should call him back? FYI I am not a pro at this, I just enjoy watching movies and tv shows in 4k and making sure my tv looks good. lol

The tv is qn900a 85 inch.

I ask because I saw someone online who calibrated the same tv and their lines in the RGB was straight on 100. So I am not sure if there is any range I should expect it to be at etc. Any feedback will be awesome. Also, I feel that the black of the picture is not as black as it should be, or the regular colors in general. I have had 2 other TVs calibrated before over the last 3 yrs by him as well. My latest tv before this one was a q90r which is now in the bedroom. I loved the colors on that tv. it was actually calibrated by the same person 2 yrs ago. the person who calibrated it is a level 3 certified technician.

I compared the same picture of a netflix hdr movie on both tvs and the q90r was more vibrant in movie mode as the ladies dress looked red and on the qn900a the dress was more pink. So i dont think it is a me thing. lol

If anybody does feel that I should give him a callback, Maybe you can assist me with what I should tell him as I don't want to offend him or make him not want to come.

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes time to read this and to take time to reply and help me out if it is in my head or if there is more than can be done.


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Gregg Loewen

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Gregg Loewen
This calibration looks perfectly acceptable, though there is room for improvement.

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